About Darryl

Darryl Laycock was released from Prison in March 2011. When released on licence he was deemed a very high risk of harm to known adults, so he was a subjected to be MAPPA 3 Tier 4 nominal, which is the highest an offender can be. This status came with very stringent conditions for him to abide by. This was done to reduce his risk of harm to others and also reduce the risk to himself.

Prior to his release he made a promise to his immediate family members that he would refrain from committing any crime again. Darryl spent more than 12 years in custody. He begun offending from his early teens however as he got older the offences became more serious. Throughout the time he was criminal minded he lost over 30 friends and family to violence. Darryl himself has survived being shot on 3 occasions and being stabbed 7 times.

Darryl visited our students to discuss his life, his decisions and how it has affected him and the people around him. During his visit Darryl's story had a huge impact on our students and staff alike, opening their eyes to the real life consequences of associating with gangs and knife crime.

If you would like to learn more about Darryl and his life, please visit the following link - Darryl Laycock