LPS – Pupil Admission Numbers & Arrangements:

 Admission Numbers:

Each financial year the LPS negotiate the number of places that it will provide with the Local Authority and secondary mainstream schools.  Currently the LPS provides the following numbers and categories of placement. 

Key Stage Type of Placement Number of Places             [FTE]






Dual Registration  or Permanent Exclusion







KS 4



Dual Registration or Permanent Exclusion







Permanently Excluded –  Vocational Placements






The LPS currently  receives its funding directly from the LA

All of the above places are subject to on-going variation, as the LPS is required to be flexible in its approach and to adapt to the changing needs of both the LA and mainstream schools.

In addition the LPS also assists schools to secure suitable alternative vocational placements for students requiring additional support.  This support takes the form of a quality assured, vocational placement programme. [The numbers of students accessing this programme over an academic year can vary considerably and all students remain on the roll of their mainstream school while accessing these placements].


Admission Arrangements:

Students are admitted to the LPS via 2 distinct routes, these being:-

  1. Via a Graded Pastoral Support Planning [PSP] Process
  2. Via permanent exclusion

Graded PSPs:

There are 4 PSP levels and these are briefly described below:-

Pastoral Support Plan [PSP]  Level Intervention Type Support Arrangements
PSP Level 1 School based only School based PSP programme
PSP Level 2A School based + Advice Advice provided by specialist services
PSP Level 2B Part time – External Agency Support Part time alternative intervention[s]
PSP Level 3 Full time – External Agency Support Full time alternative intervention[s]


The LPS will provide advice at PSP Level 2A on the request of schools but LPS provision and support is largely focused at PSP levels 2B and 3.

All referrals must be supported by an “Information Passport”.


Permanent Exclusion:

The LPS is notified of a permanent exclusion via the LA’s Exclusions Team. The LPS will provide full time suitable education on the 6th day* of the permanent exclusion. [* Subject to notification and parental engagement]

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